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Date 2020-02-05

National Chengchi University  Graduate Institute of Early Childhood Education

Our LOGO idea came from the short name of Early Childhood Education. It symbolizes the concept of that the Children, who are among the professional Early Childhood Education theories and practices, are full of vitality just like the seeds which are waiting for growing up. The tricolor from red, green and blue represents everything in early childhood education; and color white also conveys meticulous profession.
 Brief History

Established in 2000, the Graduate Institute of Early Childhood Education, NationalChengchiUniversity, has been a distinguished Institute offering master degree of early childhood education in Taiwan. Since its establishment, the Institute also endeavors to advance and enrich local research of ECE.



To develop early childhood education teachers, professionals and leaders who are mastering both of early childhood education and management competence.
To advance and enrich the research of ECE in Taiwan.


The Institute welcomes four kinds of students in the hope that they may learn from each other and benefit from-and contribute to- the academic community:

a.Graduates majored in early childhood education or related studies;

b.Graduates majored in business, management, or related studies;

c. Graduates who have practical experience in early childhood education teaching or administration;

d. Graduates who are interested in early childhood education.
Local candidates must take the entrance examination, which includes a test and an interview. The test includes five topics: Chinese, English, Education Research Methods, Pedagogy, and Early Childhood Education. Candidates who pass the test will be interviewed.

Foreign candidates may apply for an interview directly.

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